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SquidInk Gallery is an exclusively online  gallery event host, out HQ and office space is located in Antioch, California last update Sep 7th 2019

"The works do not come from an easel. The frame is fixed to a wall or placed directly on the floor, which gives me the feeling of being "on top" of the work and controlling the paint that I drop on the canvas. In this way I can also approach the painting from all four sides."

Creating and doing something positive allowed me to interact in a healthy and constructive way and to become stronger. Doing the shows proved to me I could truly move and inspire people with my art. Knowing this gave me hope and courage for the future, allowing me to keep going during the darkest of times.

"When I’m creating, I sit down and get lost. I forget where I am and at times I even neglect food lol. The anxiety releases with every completed piece, when I feel the thoughts coming on, I redirect and create. I choose bright colors as my attempt to visually bring others out of the dark. So again, wholeheartedly, I thank you for saving my life.” – Pierre Aumont

2018 Artist Spotlights JAN-SEP

2018 was a great year for art! come and see the wonderful artists that we have worked with throughout the year.

Visit us this month for the artwork of Zeiko Duka and her evocative paintings.

"My art is evolving incessantly, the way visualizes scenarios and depict it onto the canvas or on paper, is changing."

Come and see work from our artist for October. Elena Giovannetti, in friendship Cocco, was born in Milan in 1994. Since she was a child she has always been close to art in all its forms...

2017 Artist Spotlights

2017 was a great year for art! come and see the wonderful artists that we have worked with throughout the year.

How to become a featured artist

SquidInk Gallery is looking for artists to feature on our monthly artist spotlight page where we will shamelessly promote your work for all of our viewers. Click below to learn more and download the Q&A sheet.

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