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Artist Spotlight | Monserrat González Méndez

I'm Monserrat González Méndez, I'm 31 years old. I was born in the city of Corrientes, in the northeast of the Argentine Republic on June 15, 1987. I have been living and working in the city of Resistencia, Chaco for the last 4 years, just 20km away from my hometown, where I studied architecture at the National University of the Northeast.


I did postgraduate studies in Arts at FLACSO and Fundación PROA (Private Art Center of Buenos Aires). The first public exhibition of my works was held in May 2017 within the framework of the Federal Visual Arts Exhibition in a collective exhibition in the "7 Corrientes Floating Cultural Center" of the City of Corrientes, Argentina. In June of that same year I exhibited the series "COMSUMPTION" in ARTBOX.PROJECT BASEL 1.0, initiative of the ARTBOX.GALLERY Switzerland. I achieved the publication of my work "BIKE IT !: Art installation capable of generating energy" for the Land Art Generator Initiative.

“From the Outside”.

Digital Art

Approx. size: 4.40m x 2.50m.

"Flowering" is inserted within a pictorial style that takes elements of abstract expressionism; has black and white as a chromatic base, organizing the composition in two parts, creating contrasts between primary colors such as magenta, in vibrant and saturated tones, and very dark tones. The canvas is intervened using the technique of "all over." A mixed technique is used, the canvas is intervened with aerosols and rollers to achieve well-marked strokes. The collage technique is applied, using gold sheets to generate another type of texture.


A mixed technique is used since various elements are used for the configuration of the painting. In a first instance the canvas is intervened with rolls to achieve large strokes well marked in magenta tones. Flat brushes are used to create dark spots and red wine strands are applied to blend with the magenta in the background and help create different shades of pink, later details in fluoride red tones are applied with spray. The use of the aerosol is also denoted in the golden tones; The texture of this technique is not perceived until the painting is carefully examined, since the stains made are later blurred with the use of a spatula to give it the final finish. The collage technique is also used, applying gold sheets to the leaf on one end of the composition to generate another type of texture.


This work has a particular value for me since it was the first one I made by commission. It was one of those works in which I had many twists and turns during its execution for a few weeks, and the final idea came at the last moment. My paintings have a great part of intuition, there are very few conscious decisions that I make about them.


Mixed on canvas.

Approx. size: 0.90m x 1.20m.

Although I received a formal artistic education from the age of 8, my main inspiration came from the work of artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jeff Koons, experimenting some years ago with a pictorial style that takes elements of abstract expressionism, eliminating figuration and having preference for large format canvases. I limit the chromaticism to black and white, as well as the primary colors, creating contrasts between very dark tones and vibrant and saturated colors, intervening the painting with very marked strokes, using several techniques simultaneously.

The works do not come from an easel. The frame is fixed to a wall or placed directly on the floor, which gives me the feeling of being "on top" of the work and controlling the paint that I drop on the canvas. In this way I can also approach the painting from all four sides. I also experiment sometimes with materials or elements that I recycle to give it new meanings, turning them into almost sculptural elements.


Digital Art

Approx. size: 1.80m x 2.55m


"Although “Meat” is inserted within the category of digital art, this piece generates a transition between abstract pictorial works and works done using digital techniques with exclusively geometric designs. This transition exists even in the work itself; observing it at a short distance denotes the use of digital technique, but as one moves away from it, it seems to become a pictorial work of well-marked and disordered brushstrokes. The work maintains the use of bright colors, giving rise to a chromatic contrast where each color is relative to the colors that surround it. The use of the drawing is also left aside, applying only own resources of the painting: that is, the color, even to define the form. In this way, perceptually, unconnected parts give rise to a unitary whole. The large format of the piece plays a fundamental role in the way it is perceived. At a close distance you can see in detail each of the figures (digital lines) that make up the whole, each with a specific color and size. At greater distances, each of these figures mix and merge into a single composition, and the viewer becomes aware of the whole, of the represented figure.".

At the beginning of the year 2018 I started to venture with pieces that are inserted within the category of digital art, creating in my works spaces that mediate between the architectural and the abstract, using very marked geometric forms. I experiment in these last works with the perspective and the illusory movement; the optical experience takes place with the play of colors and the illusion of undefined geometric elements that attempt to create visual instability and restlessness.

For these works I continue to opt for the use of large format pieces, which I believe plays a fundamental role in the way they are perceived. The scale of them lies in the intention to make them become part of the space that contains them, expanding it, producing in the viewer an alteration of the perception of space in itself.

“Revelation” / Serie "Optical Varitations"

Digital Art

Approx. size: 2.00m x 3.00m

My works of digital art emerged one day when I was on the road and did not have my painting elements at hand and needed to draw urgently! Then I took my notebook, opened a 2d design program and started experimenting with lines, geometric shapes and colors. Without realizing it I spent hours working on the designs and managed to build a series. Months later I sent two of those works to a Spanish publishing house that annually makes a catalog of artists that is then published in art galleries and they decided that my work would be part of it; it was a great surprise and a great honor. This of course motivated my desire to continue venturing into this particular art with which I can integrate the forms of architecture with photography and the colors of painting.

I actively participate in several art competitions, national and international, which motivates me particularly, since I consider them indispensable to keep me in permanent contact with other artists and as accessible platforms to show my work.


In addition to painting and digital art, photography is also an important part of my work. Most of the photographs that make up my portfolio are of architecture, urban landscapes, plots or geometries that I find walking through cities and that always call my attention. Much of this I then unconsciously capture in my digital art works, where I often find myself recreating a building. I find in photography a very rich form of expression, with a different energy from that which painting gives me, but none overlaps the other, both compliment me.

“Inside Out”

Digital Art

Approx. size: 3.00m x 1.25m

At the moment I am still in a stage of permanent search, such that I am still unable to define myself as an artist. I try not to work for my time, or get into some fashion style, I think the function of an artist is not being a chronicler of his time, but transcending it. My main goal is to see my art  accepted as it is instead of making my art likable.

I have a hard time working on commission with deadlines and doing works to fulfill an order specifically, I feel automatically limited. However, I enjoy doing some commissions when the client gives me total freedom of action. Also, a few months ago I started to sell some original canvases made in acrylic and watercolors, and limited copies of some of my digital works from my Instagram account.


Digital Art

Approx. size:4.20m x 1.50m

“Displacements” / Serie "Optical Variations"

Digital Art

Approx. size: 5.00m x 2.50m

"Infinit Space” / Serie "Optical Variations"

Digital Art

approx. size: 2.80m x 1.05m.

"Infinit Space" is part of the series "Optical Variations" inserted within the category of digital art. The work tries to experiment with perspective and illusory movement. The optical experience takes place with the play of colors and the illusion of undefined geometric elements that attempt to create visual instability. Here the viewer plays a fundamental role, the work is transformed according to the point of view, which produces an optical effect on the figures and changes in perception produced by the movement of this. The basic forms of drawing, of architecture are evoked; the geometric figures, the symmetry. The large format of the piece plays a fundamental role in the way it is perceived. The scale of it lies in the intention that it becomes part of the space that contains it, that extends it, that produces in the viewer an alteration of the perception of space in itself, beyond the direct contemplation of the work.


“Endless” / Serie "Optical Variations"

Digital Art

Approx. size: 5.00m x 2.50m

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