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SquidInk Gallery is an exclusively online  gallery event host, out HQ and office space is located in Antioch, California last update Sep 7th 2019

We are working on a more complete information page. If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed on this page please Contact UsThank you for your patience!


I have a Question, what do I do?

Contacting us via email is the fastest way to get a response.

You may also message us directly from the website (Contact Us) located at the bottom of every page of the gallery website

You should receive a response within 72 hours. If you do not receive a response after 72 hours, please contact us again so that we can make sure your question is addressed.

I have not received a response to an email or message

We are still a small business and things may get overlooked. It is important to us that every artist is included and every question is answered. If you have emailed or messaged us and have not received a reply within 72 hours, please contact us again so that we can take care of you.

What you can do to help us receive and respond to your inquiries asap

Use the Subject line of the email to draw attention to your topic of interest, here are some examples of subjects we will respond quickly to.

Topics/General Information

Applying for a show

Application status

Contact SquidInk

Voting Rules

Plagiarism prevention

Open medium shows

Gallery themes

Give Feedback

Subscribe/ Unsubscribe

Artist Spotlight



I have not received a confirmation for my submission status

If you have sent us your submissions you should receive an emailed reply from us within 72 hours (stating that we have received your submission).

Each submission will be reviewed and the artists will be contacted before the final deadline regarding their application status. (Missing Information/ Accepted/ Declined) Application status emails may be sent from time of application up to the final deadline.



How to Apply

-Purchase your submission forms in the store

-Download the forms

-Fill in your application forms (instructions may vary)

-Submit your images and submission forms via email for review

-Wait for an emailed status update




All art must be original.

Please do not submit artwork by other artists and if your work is inspired by another artist, or you are reproducing a classical art piece please give credit to them in your statement or title of your work.​


When reproducing artwork from photographs you must credit the photographer.

If you are reproduction the image of a professional actor, singer or social icon you must credit your source material (photographs every time)

Every Individual owns the rights to their likeness, it is their property.

When reproducing the likeness of any individual you must site your sources.

If you use reference material to create your artwork you should give credit to original photographers or models.

Image theft is hard to stop, and many artists will use references or become inspired by other work while browsing the web. Keep in mind that copying or saving images from the internet without the permission of the original artist/photographer is theft. There are many copyright free resources for artists online, take advantage of stock photo websites, or purchase photos from a local photographer.

No Hate Speech Policy

All artists are welcomed here. We will do our best to keep our themes friendly to all. We do not allow comments or descriptions that include derogatory words or phrases that are meant to harm a specific person or group of people. If your work is meant to evoke negative emotions and you can explain that to us in your artist statement, then we may consider and accept your work. It is important to explain to us why your work is relevant and what response you are trying to evoke from your audience.

Submission Fees

All fees are for processing only and do not guarantee entry into shows and events.

Submission fees are non-refundable. If you purchase an application and are unable to participate in the event, contact us before the final deadline for the event. We may be able to transfer your submission fee to our next show.

Submission Limit per artist (3)

For each show (unless otherwise specified) we will be accepting only three artworks per artist. If you plan on submitting a diptych or triptych style artwork each diptych or triptych will be treated as a single artwork. Each triptych or diptych must be photographed and submitted as a single image in order to be treated as a single artwork. (See ex. Triptych and Diptych style artwork)

You may also submit detail photos of your Triptych or Diptych style artwork. These mages must be labeled as detail photos and will be used to review your submissions.


Descriptions & Titles

All submissions are required to have a title and description. We will not be accepting work that does not have a title or description. This will help with voting and also gives you the opportunity to explain your work to our judges and audience. Tell us what it is all about, tell us why you make art and make it personal. We want to understand what drives our artists.


Report Plagiarism

We have a no plagiarism policy for all of our participants. Though we do all of the screening that we can prior to accepting any submissions, some frauds may slip through the cracks. if at any time you believe yours or another artist's work may have been stolen (or entered into our shows falsely) please report them to us and we will do everything we can to resolve any issues.

Image Protection

It is important to us that your artwork is protected. We have safeguards in place to prevent (right click) savin. we will also be using images with reduced resolution to prevent the theft of full resolution images. If you have questions or concerns regarding the safety of your artwork please contact us via email.​



Each submission will be reviewed and the artists will be contacted before the final deadline regarding their application status. (Missing Information/ Accepted/ Declined) Application status emails may be sent from time of application up to the final deadline

Missing Information

If you receive an email requesting more information for your submission, you will have up to the final deadline to re-submit your artwork for review.


Congrats! If your Submission has been accepted, you will receive an email stating that we will be contacting you again regarding the release date of the gallery event you have applied to.


If your submission has been declined, we will contact you regarding the decision to not include your work in the final show. You may or may not be able to re-submit your applications depending on the reason for the decline.

If you have applied for a show and have not received an emailed confirmation regarding the status of your application, contact us before the final deadline to make sure that your submissions are included in the show you have applied for.

Why would my Submission be declined?


        Your submission may be declined if…

        Your submission was/is incomplete

        You did not follow the guidelines for your submission

        Submissions do not follow or fit with the criteria or theme of the show you applied for

        Suspected plagiarism or an issue with artistic integrity

My submission was declined. What do I do now?

Every artist will be contacted and given the opportunity to correct any issues with their submissions. If you are able to complete your submission before the final deadline, then your work may still be included in the show you apply for.

I have not received a confirmation of my submission status

If you have sent us your submissions you should receive an emailed reply from us within 72 hours (stating that we have received your submission). If you do not receive a submission status update within 72 hours of sending in your emailed submission, please do the following.

-Make sure you have the right email address (

-Make sure your subject line is (Title of show) Submission

-make any corrections needed then re-send us your submission

-If no corrections were needed, reply to your original submission email and request a status update.


Voting Polls will be located at or near the bottom of the gallery event page. If there are multiple shows open at once, you will have to visit the page for that particular show in order to vote. We may ask for which show you are voting for if we have multiple events at once. Voting polls may not appear for you if you are currently blocking any pop ups or using Ad block. If you are having issues with viewing or casting a vote or if you are not able to enable pop ups on our website then feel free to contact us, we may be able to take your vote via email. If you have accidentally casted multiple votes, or have submitted an incomplete voting ballot please contact us with your vote via email. As a show of good sportsmanship and to promote participation we require each participating artist cast a vote for artwork that is not their own. If an artist votes for their own work, the vote will not be counted. If an artist willingly submits multiple votes for their own artwork they will be disqualified from winning any awards. Votes that do not follow the guidelines and rules for voting may not be counted.

•    Each artist may place one vote at the poll.
•    Artists may not vote for their own artwork
•    You may invite anyone to vote during the show, friends and family are welcome.
•    One vote per visitor, duplicate votes will not be counted.
•    Each voter must have a valid email address to cast a vote.
•    Each ballot must contain all information required in order to be counted.

Required information on each ballot may look something like this

Voter Name:
Artist Name:
Artwork Title:
Reason for choosing this artwork/ critique:
All information is required to cast a vote

Emails must be unique and valid, we may be contacting voters for clarification if there is an error on your voting ballot. We will not be sharing this information.

Voter Name
We ask each visitor to submit their name for Identity verification, we will not be sharing this information, and if you are uncomfortable with using your legal name you may contact us via email to cast your vote or note in your critique section that you have used a pen name or alias.

Artist Name
We require this information, please use the artist name that is located next to their artwork and above their artwork description.

Artwork Title
We require this information, please use the title spelled exactly as it appears next to the artwork and above the artwork description.

We always ask for a reason or critique from our voters to understand why each artwork receives a vote. We will be reviewing the critique information and using it to help us accept more artwork for future shows. We ask that each voter say something about the piece which caught their eye or made them think, something positive or constructive. While we will accept votes that say “I liked it” we would love to hear why and perhaps share some of the positive feedback with the artists to encourage and validate them.