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SquidInk Gallery is an exclusively online  gallery event host, out HQ and office space is located in Antioch, California last update Sep 7th 2019

We Are Working on this show now, check in with us July 30th!

Artwork by participating Artist Luz Celeste Figueroa

Portraiture is an ancient art and has been used to represent status, wealth, importance and clout. We want you to explore the portrait and make it more. Who is this person we are looking at? What are they like? What do they do? Help us to imagine what it would be like to have a conversation with this person. Give context clues in the details, background, clothing or use of mediums. Be expressive and show us your style and interpretation of the human image. We will be looking for portraits that focus on the identity of the individual.

Hello Artists! We asked and you voted, our next show for 2019 is here!

We are asking artists to create artworks inspired by music with a focus on surrealism. This is an open medium show, we will be accepting all mediums including sculpture and photography. We will ask that you make mention of your song or composition choice(s) in your descriptions, to give credit to our inspirational artists and musicians. Abstract artists, we will be looking for artwork that communicates rhythm and melody using visual cues. Concrete artists, we will be looking for narratives and symbolism.

Welcome to the Call of the Wild – themed gallery competition. We called on artists to submit artwork that focuses on the beauty of animals and their environments. We encouraged the exploration of the ethical and spiritual topics such as habitat destruction or reincarnation. We also asked that our artists keep in mind the relationship between animals and humans and the narrative of the artwork. We are very excited for all of the talented artists who answered the Call of the Wild. Enjoy!

It's Back! Join us this October for the second annual Dark Arts Themed Gallery, where we will continue to explore art and its relationship with emotion, trauma, mental health, mortality, morality and dreams.

There is still time to cast your vote for your favorite artwork! Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of this great event.

Artwork "Caught in a Rush" by Katherine Henderson

Figure of Speech - Figure Art Exhibit

Check out the show and see our winners!

Join us for our first exclusive landscape competition and gallery.

(image) Waterfall artwork by Ashley West

Diversity, A Human Experience & Expression

for this exhibit we asked artists to submit portraits to explore diversity, expression and human connection.

Faces can be mirrors reflecting the world. They can be books, telling you the story of their age of the sadness and happiness of their days. Faces can be filled with emotion and passion or empty and peaceful like still water. Faces can be all of these and more...

We called on artist from all mediums to create emotional and enticing pieces that embrace the darker elements of self-expression and the emotional aspects of the human experience. I do believe we have fulfilled our mission! Please take a look around and enjoy!

We are so excited to announce our very first online art gallery show and competition! This is an open theme international show.

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