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SquidInk Gallery is an exclusively online  gallery event host, out HQ and office space is located in Antioch, California last update Sep 7th 2019

About SquidInk Gallery


SquidInk Gallery was officially born in May of 2017, but before that it was all just a dream! The dream of an artist with an idea to create an all-inclusive and non-discriminating place where people can express themselves freely and without fear. We have some simple but firm values here at SquidInk. We strive to be affordable and inclusive, to cater to artists from all walks of life. From the higher educated professionals to the hobby and street artists. We adore all forms of self-expression so as long as it can be recorded or photographed then we would be proud to take part in it. We are constantly thinking of new ways to promote local and international artists and creating a more enriching experience.

SquidInk Gallery is an exclusively online experience, our HQ is in our hometown Antioch Ca.

Meet the Founder/Owner

Sydnie Eloise Paoli-Sherman

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Hi everyone! And thank you so much for stopping in to our gallery. I have been an artist all of my life and have had some great and not so great experiences when it comes to being involved in the “art world”. I have always wanted to be a part of the larger art experience and to meet and interact with other passionate people. I got the idea to run my own gallery in about 2011, at that time I was trying really hard to participate in all of the shows and events that I could. During that year I had what I call “The most terrible gallery experience in my life”. I had entered a show that was fairly far from my home and given a lot of time and energy to be really involved in it. It was a great idea and the owner seemed very friendly and passionate. Anyways I packed up my things, got everything professionally framed and got my butt down to the show early. I arrived only to find that the owner was heavily promoting her own art and actually won an award for her own show! I thought to myself… well that’s not right. I strive to be a person of integrity, and my personal promise to all of my participants is that this is not about me. This is about you and your passion and your art and I just want to be a part of making good things happen for you.

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Editors and Support Team

Jonathon Paoli                           Michael Sherman

Sabrina Ruybal                          Haley Nguyen

Alexandria Elizabeth                 Christian Nguyen