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Artist Spotlight | Seth Pugh / Tealrice

February 2018

Art is my heart. From an early age, I’ve always loved creating new things and bringing them to life in drawings and models and growing up in the bay area has been so inspiring and encouraging to my artwork. Comic Book creators, musicians, and animators brought me the stepping stones tomy first interests towards art. I had always dreamed to work in arts as a young lad and create my own company however it wasn’t until shortly after high school that I decided to pursue illustration and design professionally andand started building from scratch. I got a sharpie and a piece of printing paper and went to it designing my first generation drawings.

Since Founding Tealrice in 2011, I have worked with local artists and galleries to continue to encourage and inspire new ideas through collaborating, art events, and teaching. One of the many quotes of advice I received in my early years as a professional artist was, “to pour my heart into my artwork”, which I feel inspired my first designs to continue to evolve.Ink pens, markers, pencils, and photography are some of my favorite mediums and have spiced my interests to continue to learn more and develop in arts. Im also intrigued to use variant surfaces, such as wood and metal, which I believe adds character to each piece. Although art is a never ending learning process, I have strived to pass what I have learned to others and help them to continue to grow in their own pursuits as I would be honored to teach professionally in the near future.

I have made my art work available for purchase and also offer custom one of a kind designs to be ordered. Through my artwork and Tealrice Studios and I hope to inspire creativity and quality.

Seth Pugh | Tealrice

March 2018

Artist Spotlight | Roman

SquidInk Gallery is proud to present our March 2018 Artist Spotlight

Roman is a self described abstract artist from U.C. Davis, California. His work features highly saturated colors, texture and expressive brush strokes. You can learn more about this artist by following his instagram.

Where are you located?
U. C Davis, CA (Although I am currently traveling abroad)

How would you describe your style?
Abstract expressionism that concentrates on confusion, searching for understanding, and loneliness.

Do you have any formal training or art education?

I have never taken an official class; the closest was once sitting on a swing with an art major while they explained to me the concepts of color. I’m not even sure I listened as much as just stared at them enamored. The lack of anything formal has provided me with a sense of insecurity at times. I’m well aware that some of my pieces golden rules in art, but I hope gives me an authenticity. However of late I have been lucky enough to attract the tutelage of a few artists, such as Cat Chaumont, Pierre Adeile, and others. 

Tell us about your process.

I dream. It’s an ability that I have had since being adopted and all of my art has come from this simple but personal form of process. I wake and attempt to lay it out on canvas, to be able to process and somehow figure out the complexity. It usually is a struggle for me in execution, but that actual composition comes naturally.

What are your goals and aspirations?

My goals at the moment seem to be spread out into different areas, but all are based on the need to express. I hope to somehow express myself through culinary arts, after I gain some forgiveness for my travels from Kaizen Group Inc., an amazing group that own Banzai Kitchen in West Village, Davis, as well as Takumi located in Sacramento. I also hope to depart from my abstract painting, and learn how to make a graphic novel series that correlates art interacting with science throughout history. There is also a Sci-fi opera novella named Perth that I would like to at least have a volume published, as well as graduate with an astrophysics degree. 

When did you begin your pursuit of the arts?
In the orphanage as a child I would look at Disney picture books and imagine being included in every page, to the point I would copy while inserting myself in each adventure I saw. This is my earliest memory involving art. However, I think it was the year of 2017 that I decided to seriously pursue the arts as a form of therapeutic medium, after discovering through a journey that I could care more for a person who lied, than for my own self. 

What or who are your main influences and inspirations for your work?
Carl Jung wrote of the concept of ego (psychic) death, and the most beautiful postmodernist explanation of this concept is in the fractured form “it is when someone who loved you/you loved them, betrays you.” There is also another word to summarize this concept, “Lorn”.  These concepts and words inspire me to use art as a medium, not to profess any personal message, but present a schematic of ways to work through confusion, if not emotion. 

What materials and techniques do you use for your work?

I am generally comfortable using oils and acrylics, however have used everything from pastels, charcoal, rosin, wax, floetrol, Japanese woodwork, French joinery, etc. I have never been able to dive into the digital medium, because for me I need a sense of physicality as a form of expression and process.


APRIL 2018

Artist Spotlight | ziba beikmohamadluo

Q: What are your primary mediums?

A: Oil colour, Acrylic

Q: When did you begin your pursuit of the arts?

A: 12 years ago when I started my academic studies.

Ziba is an artist from Iran, Tehran who focuses on human figures and expressive portraiture in both acrylic and oil color. She is currently a student and does commission work as an artist. You can see more work by this artist on instagram here. Ziba has been sponsored by SquidInk Gallery for her spotlight and is also the winner of our Popular Vote for the Faces of the World - Portrait Competition.

Q: Do you have any formal training or art education?

A: Yes, I'm studying my masters in painting at university.


Q: What or who are your main influences and inspirations for your work?

A: I'm influenced by dreams of flying

Q: What materials and techniques do you use for your work?

A: At first I learned Realistic painting, after that I tried Abstraction painting, Surrealism, and Postmodernism. And now I prefer Postmodernism, and I paint Oil color or Acrylic on fabric. Focusing on portrait and anatomy is part of my paintings style

Q: What are your goals and aspirations?

A: Flight, the oldest wish of mankind, is a symbol of tearing down the limitations and going beyond all frontiers. Today's artist tries to go beyond the borders and create a great work, with the goal of ascending and paving an immortal way for the years to come, while being influenced by the process of flying methods.

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AUG 2018

Artist Spotlight | Claudia Rose, Ph.D.


"To me, art-making is sacred work. My mixed-media paintings and prints are my way of sending blessings into the world. I attended art school over 40 years ago. In the early 1980s, I went from sculpting in steel to refining my physique as (a) living sculpture. As a pioneer female bodybuilder, I displayed my performance art on national television, and in both national and international publications. After a decade in social work and many years in business, I have returned to art-making with the intention to expand love on earth and heal the wounded heart wherever it may be found. I am currently working on a portrait series entitled, “Messengers of Love”. Each one starts with a prayer or meditation and brings a message or story to heal and uplift."

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©Claudia Rose, Ph.D.

Peace Is A Woman

Mixed-media on Ampersand panel 11” x 14”"

Peace is a woman, mother to the world.” This is from Tara Singh, who wrote, “How to Raise a Child of God”. I think of peace this way—beautiful, calm, surrendering to God’s will.  Today I choose peace.  Even though there might be challenges or disappointments, I intend to choose peace no matter what.  Like happiness, peace is a choice you make in all circumstances.  Do your thoughts bring you peace or do they bring suffering?  Today, I choose peace. Though I’ve been ill for several weeks, today I choose peace, no matter what.


Her blessing to you

May you choose peace in every circumstance in your life.  May you feel your thoughts calm, as if a mother’s hand caressed your brow.  May peace be your choice throughout the day.

She Lives in the Garden

Mixed media on gessobord 11” x 14”

She lives in the garden and the garden lives in her. This Messenger of Love takes the garden everywhere she goes. It is more of a mindset than a place; more of a state of being than a location in time. The garden nourishes her, holds her upright like a stalk in the wind.

She sends a blessing to you

May you live in the garden of God’s love. May it live in you as the home you carry with you wherever you go. Even though you might have wandered out of the garden from time-to-time, you are always welcome Home. Here, you are valued and cherished just as you are.

She’s Wiser than Her Years

Mixed-media on Ampersand panel 11” x 14”

I love this Messenger, who is wiser than her years.  She asked God to change her life, to fill the emptiness in her soul.  So He did.  She felt a lightning bolt of energy split open her heart and capture her breath.  All the emptiness in her soul filled up with liquid light like honey plugging up a hole.  Any time her thoughts drifted back to painful times when she felt rejected or unloved, she felt honey ooze into her mind; she returned her thoughts to happy times as if all the struggles of divorce and despair never existed.

She asked. God answered. He always does.

Her blessing to you

 May you know that your prayers are always answered. While you might not recognize the answer, you will find it when you are ready. Whatever the circumstances in your life, may you remember that unconditional Love is available for the asking.

Her Beloved Provides

Mixed-media on gessobord 9" x 12"

Her body, a gift from her Beloved, is an earthly container for her soul. Her Beloved provides all she needs and does not judge her requests.  She might ask for a healing, a bracelet, a house by the pond, or cash in her purse. As there is no limit to her beloved’s capacity, no gift diminishes the gifts available to others.  Her Beloved loves all equally the way the Moon loves the stars.  Her Beloved provides to the extent that she can receive and she knows she is loved.


She offers you a blessing

May you feel the support and love that is available for the asking.  May you acknowledge that all you require is provided, for you too, are beloved.

She’s a Miracle Maker

Mixed-media on gessobord 11” x 14”.

Angels don’t always have wings. Sometimes they have orange hair and blue eyes! This Messenger of Love is a Miracle Maker. You can actually hear her wings flutter as she walks. She knows that even if her wings are not visible, they do exist to lift thoughts from fear to love, from the illusion of struggle to the ease of grace. She IS an angel, someone who remembers her true identity.

Her blessing for you

May you discover your own true identity. May you discover all you are, the full, spectacular you, a miracle maker in human form, who was made in love.

She Manifests God’s Will

Mixed-media on 9” x 12” Duralar

Once upon a time, this Messenger of Love grieved every failed relationship, lost job, and denied promotion.  She worked and hustled.  She set goals for specific outcomes.  Then one day, as if by magic, she let go, just shut her eyes and allowed God to fill her mind with dreams of what could be.  Over time, she stopped asking for what was missing and gave thanks for what was present.  She saw, as if in a flash, the great power she possessed as a manifestor and chose to manifest God’s will.  Everything changed from that day forward.  Whenever she struggled, she came back to the prayer of her youth—May God’s will be done, May God’s will be done…

Her blessing for you

May you stop, listen, and allow the great navigator within to guide you to your soul’s purpose.  May you tune your ear to the voice that speaks only words of love in a language only you can hear.

She Carries an Ancient Peace

Mixed-media on Ampersand panel, 16” x 20”

This Messenger of Love claims the peace that is her birthright. It goes with her everywhere, guiding her in the right choices. When she misplaces her inner peace, she knows she has strayed off her path. With one thought, she reclaims the peace within. She’s back on the path that reaffirms her sacred steps.You might stray or stumble off your path countless times. You might judge yourself broken as a result. Yet, it takes just one thought, one conviction to set it right! Peace comes from knowing that you are one with the Love that created you.


This Messenger offers you a blessing

May you, too, discover an Ancient Peace as your own. May your heart be filled with a love that knows no end and a peace that has no boundaries. May you experience inner peace as a brilliant gem at the center of your being.

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SEP 2018

Artist Spotlight | Marilyn Sturner


SquidInk Gallery is proud to present this month's artist spotlight!

Marilyn is an artist living in New Jersey. A watercolor artist turned digital, Marilyn can be found creating digital paintings on her computer. After suffering an injury Marilyn spent her recovery time creating strikingly colorful and impressionistic paintings of everyday scenes, Landscapes, people and blooming flowers. Her work is hallmarked by a variety of highly saturated colors, impressionist brush strokes and organic contouring linework.


OCT 2018

Artist Spotlight | Elena Giovannetti


Elena Giovannetti, in friendship Cocco, was born in Milan in 1994. Since she was a child she has always been close to art in all its forms: she started playing piano when she was twelve and she has always been drawing and painting since she was a child. After taking the 5th year diploma in piano, she started tutoring children in the study of piano. She graduated in Classical Studies at Tito Livio high school in 2013, the year after she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, in Milan, painting address. She took part in a volunteer programme in Kosovo, where Elena along with seven other people were organizing art workshops for kosovan children. During the same year she took part to a project organized by Brera Academy in collaboration with the Bollate detention centre, where she has been working with detainees in painting prisons' walls. She joined this initiative again in 2017, teaching detainees how to take photos and to learn the engraving technique.

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In 2015, she took part to a workshop organized by Mostra MiArt association with Professor Renato Galbusera, and again with Professor Galbusera she exposed some of her paintings at the Folli50 space. From the 21st to the 26th of February of the same year she exhibited, as one of the components of the collective "Sottobosco di Brera", at Macao open space in Milan. The collaboration with the collective Il Sottobosco continues still nowadays, performing exhibitions at the occupied space Lume.

In 2016, she took part to the “Menotrenta 2016 Edition” and thanks to this opportunity, she exhibited her works at the Castello Visconteo in Abbiategrasso, Italy. In May 2016, she exposed her works at the Mudima Foundation, Italy, along with Professor Andrea Del Guercio. She graduated in November 2017 in Painting (110/110 cum laude) and after that, she started her master degree in the two-year course programme of Painting in Brera, Milan.

In March 2017, along with six other artists, she took part to the Studi Festival #3 initiative where she exhibited her works at the home-studio of Gianca Lopez, Italy. In October 2017, along with two other artists, she has been involved in a school wall-painting initiative in Milan, at the Trotter Primary School. In July 2018 she went to London after winning an art residency in Colart studios in Evesham Street, thanks to Colart and Griffin Gallery, with a final open studio there. Also in July, she took part in an exhibition at Dazi of Porta Genova in Milan, part of the project “Brera Aperta” of Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

During the last few years, I took part in creating an artistic collective along with other artists from my Academy and we started working together in Milan by organizing exhibition of various kind and by participating to city events. We started with the idea of working really close one to the other, with the aim of getting to know each other techniques and poetics and to let them influence those of the others.This experience has given me an amazing opportunity to learn and develop good co-working and team building skills and particularly, it boosted my interest in creating new artistic networks and collaborations outside Italy, to keep exchanges points of view, to keep creating realities in which new people can get to know each other by comparing different types of art.

My work arises from a reflection on identity, considering as identity both the artist’s personal one and the collective social one. Overall, my work aims at going beyond what we impose ourselves to be. It wants to be an invitation to not self-limit ourselves and instead to know ourselves better for what we are becoming.

The most recent works I’ve been creating are focused on reworking an abandonment as main themes: I draw many times what I think is a character of my life and I write down what I immediately think, with the purpose of understanding how I feel about that specific character. In this way, the faces and the bodies I draw become active characters, doing things, acting and thinking about their lives.

I use different medias: from oil pastels to gouache and oil colors. I really appreciate the works of artists like Francis Bacon, Marlene Dumas in terms of style and pictorial quality and meanings, and others like David Hammons, Doris Salcedo, Anselm Kiefer for their researches and political, social and historical importance.

NOV 2018

Artist Spotlight | Zeiko Duka


oil on canvas

30 x 24cm

How would you describe your style?

My art is evolving incessantly, the way visualizes scenarios and depict it onto the canvas or on paper, is changing.

My style is harmonic mix of Modernism, Impressionism, Abstract painting and like photo-realism and surrealism, are all part of my art family. I always manage to slip away from the real modernism definitions, had to draw a line, radical way of thinking by my way, with no boundaries set by traditional method. The brush strokes, common and ordinary subjects, unusual angles are some features of my style of art painting.

When did you begin your pursuit of the arts?

From my childhood age, on my 6 had my first exhibition.

Do you have any formal training or art education?

Master degree at architecture, postgraduate at industrial design.

What or who are your main influences and inspirations for your work? Tell us about your process.

I illustrate human life, which is my biggest inspiration, but not in the truest of forms, can be classified as abstract art. This is a real product of radical thought. Every object on the canvas or paper is represented as either colors and or shapes. A simple shape on the painting can do many wonders, might augment the shape with some simple exaggerations. Sometimes, the shape is scaled down to produce the effect I wants. The colors on the images represent emotions and shapes symbolize objects.

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Moulin Rouge

oil on canvas

50 x 70cm

‘’ The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.’’


ink on paper

62 x 42cm


ink on paper

65 x 50cm


oil on canvas

70 x 50cm

Sonata of Autumn

Ink on paper

65 x 50cm

Gossip Girls

oil on canvas

16 x 26cm

‘’ One day I met a friend, I had to see her long time. We said a lot and we spent nice time. Inspiring with the meeting, for me to keep the beautiful moments of life is to paint.’’

Ladies of high society

Oil on canvas -100 x 70cm

‘’High Society Women - Enjoying with a life is not everyone's cup of tea. Avoiding fears actually makes you stronger and scarier. A layman views daily emotion as weakness and seeks to suppress them. But if you are really courageous.’’


oil on canvas -100 x 80cm

‘’ The life prosperity is inextricably intertwined with the human. The human bodies intertwined to form a dark roof over the path, to twist or be together, or to be connected so as to be difficult to separate.’’