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November 2017

Artist Spotlight | Ushrayinee Sarker

When did you begin your pursuit of the arts?

I’ve been drawing and painting from a very young age but in the end, I decided to pursue science- specifically entomology and ecology. But I had a sudden change of heart last year and changed my major to art. I’ve been doing photography for a couple years, but it was only a couple months ago that I started taking it seriously.

Do you have any formal training or art education?

I’m a third year Art Studio student at UC Davis.

What or who are your main influences and inspirations for your work?

Frans_Lanting and Michael_Freeman are big inspirations for my photography, while for my paintings I like to look at Soutine and Magritte.

Tell us about your process.

My process usually depends on what I’m shooting. Most of the time what I try to capture is not a posed model (though I do that type of photography sometimes), I try to capture moments in time. I tend to veer away from more practical types of photography and lean towards purely artistic forms (be they artistic in color, composition, or content).

What are your goals and aspirations?

My outlandish and most probably unachievable goal is to be a wildlife or travel photographer, while the goal that is more plausible is to become an arts professor.

This artist has a wonderful understanding of composition and depth. The layering of shapes and figures is very effective in creating balanced and evocative moments in time. The photos feel alive with color and action. By capturing the subjects in motion it allow the viewers to immerse themselves in the narrative of each piece. Because of the voyeuristic nature of the imagery, I felt an immediate connection with the settings and people that I have never met.

SquidInk Team


Artist Spotlight | Quinn Hsu

October 2017


I’ve always straddled the line between sciences and art, never able to commit to one or the other; I started my school career focused entirely on biological science, and eventually went to UC Davis for my college career. However, halfway through my sophomore year, I switched to an art studio major with a minor in Chinese. I’m now entering my junior year, and while I still have my doubts about making a living in art, I don’t think I could live without making art.

I have struggled with depression my entire life, and while art does not provide a total escape, it offers a greater measure of solace than I have found in any other activity. I still have days where depression overwhelms me and I feel like my paintings look like absolute garbage, but if I can get into the flow, I can lose myself in the painting. As a result, my paintings often reflect what I’m struggling with at the time. As a trans guy who has recently come out, I’m starting to paint with trans representation in mind. In general, I often deal with the concepts of acceptance and emotional control in my portraits; they have specific personal meaning for me, but I prefer to leave them open to interpretation by the viewers, and not give them context until they have already formed their own meanings for the painting.

Eventually, I would like to go to graduate school to prepare for a career as an art studio professor. It will take a lot of experience, so I’m trying to show my art as much as possible. I also welcome any additional experience offered to me, so I’m always open for commissions! In addition, I have been selling prints of my digital art on Etsy for two years.

I prefer to work with oil paint, but acrylic is easier on the wallet and safer to use, so if I’m painting for fun I use acrylic, and use oil for school projects. Occasionally I will bring out my tablet and work digitally as well. The resulting pieces go up for sale on Etsy.

Artist Spotlight | Patricia PeñaCalle

September 2017


darkppc777 | Instagram

My passion is to create paintings that reflect the often-overlooked beauty of the subconscious mind.

That tiny space between one thought and the next one is pregnant with soulful insight. I saturate my artwork with bits of dreams, visions, episodes of deja vús, symbolism, and even glimpses of alternate realities, as I believe there’s more to life that what can be seen by the naked eye. I give all this a touch of fantasy, then wrap it in colors, and what you get is a peek into my soul.

My mixed media paintings are created on canvas, I often incorporate some clay work in the mix. I indulge in high contrast sets of color, and use a variety of mediums and materials like acrylic paints, texture paste, resin, and even eggshells.

Patricia PeñaCalle

This artist uses highly saturated colors and wonderful textures to create exciting dream like paintings. Even her brush strokes have weight and texture which helps to bring more dimension to her work. Although this artist uses exciting colors and shapes, she has a strong sense of composition and balance in her work which makes each piece feel very tranquil and intentional. We can see where she evoked a dreamlike quality by using repetitious shapes and symmetry and also in her imagery (ex. the fairy, nighttime seascape and the spiral). We especially appreciate that each of these pieces has a strong sense of completion and that every corner of her work holds our interest, whether it is a texture, a color or a figure.

SquidInk Gallery Team

Artist Spotlight | Dylainie Nathlich

August 2017

Dylainie is an artist from the Bay Area, living in San Francisco, California. She is currently attending San Francisco State University, working towards her bachelor's degree in Art History/ Studio Art.

"I believe that art is simply color patches on a flat surface, what we create is nothing more than what it is."

-Dylainie Nathlich

As we look at the body of work from Dylainie we find so much depth and movement. This artist has a skill for creating high energy pieces with a distinct style and an attention to detail. We found ourselves wandering in and out of her work exploring all of the nooks and crannies (where there are delicious little secrets) as well as standing back and admiring the big pictures.

"Her work definitely feels alive and she uses...line shape and color to move us through her pieces."


Splashes of color and layered shapes create movement like flowing water making each piece feel as if it were a living, breathing thing. We also love that this artist has photographed her work in live settings. It creates a kind of “found object” feeling to her work and makes it very personal. By turning local scenes into her own private gallery this artist reminds us that art can live anywhere.

We thoroughly enjoy the conversations that Dylainie has with us through her canvases and hope to see more from her in the future!

-SquidInk Gallery Team

"This artist uses layers of line and color to create organic and intuitive pieces with depth and movement.​"

Artist Spotlight | Kristina Geronimo

July 2017

My work is not realism. They are a mess of bold lines and tiny faces. The inspirations for my works are comics, automatic drawing, and surrealism. I mainly use pens and markers on paper, canvas, and cardboard. Each work is re-visited several times to add another layer of lines or color – because of this, most of my works have different imagery when viewed at different angles (rotated left, right, upside-down, etc.) I hope whomever is viewing these works enjoys exploring in-between the lines.

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